Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. You can download the data sheets to learn more about Kovair products.

cucumber integration adapter

Cucumber Integration Adapter

Cucumber is a comprehensive tool that aids the Business Analyst or Product Owners to write Acceptance Tests for any application. Cucumber uses a special document called Feature file to list the high-level features of an application. This document is written using a language called Gherkin. Kovair Cucumber Integration Adapter Kovair Cucumber Integration provides users to […]

Katalon Studio Integration Adapter

Katalon Studio is a comprehensive toolset for web and mobile app automation testing. This tool includes a package of powerful features that help to overcome common challenges in web UI test automation. Kovair Katalon Studio Integration Adapter The Kovair Katalon Studio integration provides users to sync Katalon Studio test cases, test Suites, test execution results […]

UiPath Integration Adapter

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation tool which is used for Windows desktop automation. It is used to automate repetitive/redundant tasks and eliminates human intervention. Kovair UiPath Integration Adapter The Kovair adapter for UiPath, when integrated to the UiPath tool using Kovair Omnibus, enables users to keep track of the execution status of an automated […]

Jenkins Blue Ocean Integration Adapter

Jenkins Blue Ocean is plug-in over Jenkins to provide a better a user experience. It rethinks the user experience of Jenkins, modelling and presenting the process of software delivery by surfacing information that’s important to development teams with as few clicks as possible Kovair Jenkins Blue Ocean Adapter The ‘Kovair Jenkins Blue Ocean Integration Adapter’ […]

Salesforce Integration Adapter

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution from that brings companies and their present and potential customers on a same integrated platform. This integration results into better systematized information and enhanced data exchange. Since CRM is indispensable for any organization, getting Salesforce integrated with various tools involved in the process chain can help companies stay […]

Microfocus ALM Octane Integration Adapter

ALM Octane is a comprehensive lifecycle management solution that accelerates enterprise Agile transformations for high-quality application delivery at enterprise scale while leveraging existing investments. Kovair Microfocus ALM Octane Integration Adapter Kovair adapter for Microfocus ALM Octane helps to extend the capabilities of the Microfocus ALM Octane tool to other ALM tools used in an integration […]

Azure DevOps Integration Adapter

Previously known as Visual Studio Team Services or Visual Studio Online, Azure DevOps is a suite of five services that can be used together or independently. The services are — Azure Pipeline, Azure Boards, Azure Artifacts, Azure Repos, and Azure Test Plans. Kovair Azure DevOps Integration Adapter Kovair adapter for Azure DevOps helps to improve […]

Puppet Integration Adapter

Kovair Puppet Adapter integrates the Puppet tool with Omnibus and other best of breed ALM tools to fully manage the automation of the deployment process across the delivery pipeline. Kovair provides an ESB platform called the Kovair Omnibus. Using Omnibus platform and Kovair Puppet adapter, you can hook the Puppet tool to Kovair Omnibus, which […]

HELIX ALM Integration Adapter

HELIX ALM Integration Adapter helps the Helix ALM tool to take care of the development process of applications and track traceability of Requirements, Requirement document, Test case, Defects, Test run, and Folder entities.  Using HELIX ALM Soap based SDK, end users can use the Kovair Helix adapter to connect and directly re-route the newly added […]

New Relic Integration Adapter

New Relic’s software analytics product for application performance monitoring (APM) delivers real-time and trending data about your web application’s performance. With end-to-end transaction tracing and a variety of color-coded charts and reports, APM tool New Relic can visualize data down to the deepest code levels. Kovair New Relic Integration Adapter ‘Kovair New Relic Adapter’ allows […]

Docker Integration Adapter

Docker is a set of coupled software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service products that use operating-system-level virtualization to develop and deliver software in packages called containers.  Kovair Docker Integration Adapter Monitoring and Managing continuous application deployment and delivery is an important step towards increased business values. Kovair adapter for Docker, is designed to deploy and capture data generated […]

AppDynamics Integration Adapter

AppDynamics is an application performance management tool that focusses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data centre. Kovair AppDynamics Adapter The Kovair adapter for AppDynamics helps to achieve integration scenario between AppDynamics and other ALM tools, enabling teams to monitor and analyse the performance […]

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